Marcelo Almeida


For 46 years, Marcelo Almeida has led his career to the service of national and foreign companies within the corporate area. He complemented his professional practice as a professor of corporate law at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Ecuador.

He founded Almeida Terán Abogados in 1974, with the mission of advising and providing legal support for companies establishing and developing business in Ecuador.

Over the years, he has become a benchmark of the firm. Previously, he expanded its action field, incorporating other expert lawyers in tax, labor law, public procurement and intellectual property.

Among other activities, Marcelo Almeida was Deputy Minister to the Superior Court of Justice, legal advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, Principal Advisor to the Health Ministry, Professor of Corporate Law at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Ecuador for 20 years, Founding President and advisor of the Ecuadorian-Nordic Chamber of Commerce and President of several multinational companies.

Professional Experience

Doctorate in Law by Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Ecuador.

Postgraduate degree at Tulane University.

Corporate Law Expert and Contractual advice.

Founding partner of Almeida Terán Abogados.

Current Norwegian General Consul in Ecuador, since 2003.