Esteban Jaramillo De Howitt


Financial Engineer from the SEK International University of Ecuador. He also pursued a career in Communication and Public Relations at the University of Florida.

He has held some positions in the public sector, among them he was designated as the General Manager of the Oil services company of the State (Ecuador).

He is the co-creator of the first treatment line for fuel in Ecuador, with Qualco products.

He is currently the External Advisor for the Minister of Production for matters related to the production chain and free trade zones.

Expert for several years in the establishment of foreign companies in Ecuador, especially multinationals. He has focused his services in the areas of energy and hydrocarbons. He also specializes in the preparation and development of Public Private Partnerships.

Esteban currently holds the position of Vice President of the Ecuadorian – Dominican Chamber of Commerce.

He also works as a promoter and advisor of the Universities of Ecuador project.

Consultant and Advisor to different GADs (Decentralized Autonomous Governments) on issues related to development poles and free trade zones.