What is business soft landing?

October 15th, 2020

Business soft landing is a facilitation and support service for companies seeking to expand their operations to new markets. The objective of soft landing is to ensure that the processes before and after the arrival of a company in a new country are resolved by a group of local experts, allowing the company to save time, resources and fully concentrate on the commercial objectives set.

Soft landing firms have a team of experts who are responsible for providing advice on legal and administrative procedures, investment processes and intelligence on business practices in the local market. These tools are aimed at reducing the risk of the company when making an investment abroad.

What are the benefits of soft landing?

Efficient and effective expansion:

Through soft landing, companies have access to a complete accompaniment, and guided advice and support, both in the legal, operational and commercial areas, so that they can develop their activities correctly and meet the objectives that have been set. As a consequence, its expansion is effective, fast and efficient.

Knowledge of the local market:

Knowledge of business practices and the culture of the country to which a company is landing, is one of the most important and useful tools provided by soft landing. This knowledge is key for the decision-making of companies seeking to enter a new market.

Reduction of economic risks:

Starting operations in another country often requires a significant initial investment. Through soft landing, companies have a strategic partner who provides them with the correct and necessary information about the market in which they are going to enter. This avoids loss of resources and reduces financial risk.

Network of potential clients / networking:

One of the fundamental pillars of soft landing is to provide companies with a network of potential clients, which allows them to expand quickly and successfully. Likewise, a network that has key government, business and civil society actors, ensuring that companies hold high-level meetings, which will allow them to make informed decisions about their expansion plans.

What services are considered as part of soft landing?

As described above, soft landing facilitates the establishment of companies in a new market, for which a set of services are integrated, which include:

• Complete legal advice (corporate, tax, intellectual property, labor, public procurement).
• Coordination of meetings with public and private institutions – potential clients network – networking.
• Representation of companies.
• Location and selection of suppliers.
• Search of strategic partners.
• Analysis and market research.
• Market opening.
• Advertising and marketing.
• Permits and licenses obtainment.
• Headhunting.
• Accounting and auditing.
• Investment processes / search of investors.
• Customs procedures.
• Business advice.
• Training.
• Project management.
• Office space.

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